There are two main ways that baby bottle warmers warm the bottles; steam warming and water warming. While both take water initially, in the steam unit it is the steam that heats the bottle and in the water unit, the bottles get the equivalent of a warm water bath. The water warmed style of warmer is a bit safer in that you are not exposed to being burned by scalding hot steam. Speeds up the Bottle Warming Process – Speed is of the essence when it comes to heating your baby’s bottle, especially if it’s the middle of the night. Traditional methods can take minutes and microwaves can break down the milk and cause hot spots too. They heat the baby’s bottle quickly and safely within 2-5 minutes and before you know it you will be feeding your baby and getting back to sleep.

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Unfortunately, the safety issues with this one were a pretty big deal for me. The steam heat left the bottle extremely hot, like so hot that I nearly burned myself taking it out. The guide recommends letting the bottle sit for up to 10 minutes to cool, so even if it heats up the milk quickly, that waiting time is a huge downer. It also doesn’t have a timer, so the bottle can sit in there and easily overheat.

Some warmers have a timer and auto-shutoff to avoid overheating. At that point, you can still leave best travel system stroller the bottle in there, but you’ll want to feed your baby within two hours, so the milk doesn’t go bad. Others have a keep-warm function, in case you fixed the bottle a little too early.

  • Once you have taken the bottle out of the unit to use, shut the unit down until the next time.
  • The heater is made of sus316 stainless steel and splash-proof silicone ring.
  • Furthermore, Tommee Tippee also gently heats to body temperature, preserving all the original nutrients of the milk.
  • Since you don’t know yet, it’s just better to be safe than sorry and have a bottle warmer ready to go.
  • The nipple is made of food-grade plastic, completely bpa-free and tasteless.
  • Carnival King food warmers accept either #10 cans or 3.5 qt.

Immediately starting another warming cycle is helpful if two or more bottles are being heated one after another. It’s also handy if the first cycle doesn’t get the temperature high enough for the baby’s liking, and you need to add more time. We found the longest wait time between use is around 30 minutes or when the warmer has thoroughly cooled.

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Fill the reservoir with warm, soapy water, and set it aside to soak for about 5 minutes.Lay the reservoir on a towel or prop it in your sink to keep the water from spilling. Some parents give it to their newborns cold; some give it in room temperatures or body temperature. It is more about how your baby reacts and what seems to work best for him/her. For some babies, it is easier to digest when milk is on a certain temperature; however, this might not be a problem for all babies. But nutrients do not change, which is probably the most important part.

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Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential, but the frequency (every day vs. every use) depends on the unit. The external cleaning process typically involves a quick wipe with a dry cloth. Given the hidden water reservoir, the Kiinde has some involved cleaning steps. The Tommee Tippee warmer works with a variety of different bottle types and sizes and you can heat a second bottle immediately after the first. While the Orb has multiple parts to clean, the plastic parts are dishwasher safe and the chamber is easy to wipe.

Only find what is good for your child, probably slightly heat it since he/she might be used to body temperature from breastfeeding. There are a ton of bottle warmers out there, but none is as convenient asBaby’s Brew. It is the most convenient bottle warmer on the market today. Bottles can stay warm for up to 4 hours with Baby Brew’s first-of-its-kind battery power operation. This is a very important factor and the best bottle warmers always offer a safety system and safe BPA-free materials.

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This handy device will give you a perfectly mixed and heated bottle that is ready for feeding time in no time at all. “If you have a recalled bottle warmer, make sure that you contact the company and take advantage of the remedy,” advises Davis, as companies will repair or replace potentially hazardous products. You can also check out the CPSC’s reporting site, “You can look up your specific product, and see if other people are reporting safety concerns with it,” Davis says. Finally, we have come to the final product on this list of the best portable bottle warmers. Let me introduce you to the Munchkin Travel Car Baby Bottle Warmer.

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The bottle warmer fits Avent bottles and a variety of others, including Tommee Tippee and Comotomo. At this price point, you really are getting your money’s worth. Having a fast and reliable baby bottle warmer at hand is a must for any new parent. As with most steam warmers, you’ll have to measure a precise amount of water for each cycle, which is less convenient than the automatic refill/drain design of our pick.