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That’s interesting #86: Sam Horn therefore the Intrigue Agency Open Nominations when it comes to 2012 POP! Hall of Fame

“The simplest way to corner a distinct segment is always to produce a distinct segment. As well as the way that is best to generate a niche is to … coin your own word.” – Sam Horn

Experienced a few early entries when it comes to 2012 POP! Hall of Fame … and thought I’d share them to kick-start your reasoning in what newly-coined NURDS (New Words) you’d prefer to submit with this year’s contest.

Past champions have actually included:

* Diabesity: Dr. Francine Kaufman’s term for the epidemic of Type 2 Diabetes this is certainly set off by obesity.

* Snuba: It’s half snorkel and half scuba … also it’s a brand new multi-million dollar industry.

* Freakonomincs: might you run right away and purchase the newest tome on economics? Not likely. But authors Dubner and Levy switched their concept into an international brand – movies sugar daddy phoenix az, news appearances, blog sites, 6-figure consulting contracts – by providing it a first-of-its-kind title that appealed to your public.

* A.W. Shucks: What else can you call an oyster club in Charleston, SC?

* Yappy Hour: The getaway Inn in Alexandria, VA has gotten vast amounts of free press because of its revolutionary Friday night “petworking” opportunities for dogs.

* YOUmanity: Aviva arrived up because of the perfect title for their “chain of kindness” philantrhopy campaign

* Think for pocket protector kinds. As you individual advertising proclaimed, “Tall, dork and handsome.”

* SerenDestiny®: Okay, we acknowledge it, I’m partial to the one as it’s the name of my next guide. And like Tongue Fu!®, I’ve had the oppertunity to trademark ® that is serenDestiny means it may be merchandised and monetized … in perpetuity.

* Java Jacket: You can’t build a small business around an name that is un-prounounceable. Therefore Jay Sorenson provided those “cardboard insulating sleeves” you put around your glass of coffee an easy-to-say-and-remember title.

* Revenew: Just met the creator of the start-up in NYC at the WOIS Summit. You’ve heard of Spell Check? This might be a fantastic exemplory instance of a POP! strategy called Spell Chuck. Chuck the spelling that is normal of word and show up with your personal. Brilliant.

*Tiecoon: This store in NYC’s Penn facility – which sells neckties to Wall Street financiers – stopped me personally in my own songs and inspired me to snap a photograph. That is the idea. If it’d been known as Jack’s ties, I would personally have walked on by and never even noticed it. Does your shop title have actually people at hello?

Now, just in case thinking that is you’re “Okay, they are clever names. Big whoop.”

Please comprehend … NURDS aren’t petty; they’re lucrative.

It is not wordplay…this is wordcash.

Many of these true names have actually aided their products or services, organizations or solutions BE NOTICED and get noticed, remembered … and rich.

A number of these true names have actually produced millions in income because of their owners.

In reality, as Jay Sorenson, originator of Java Jackets says, “Customers whom supposed to phone my competitors really wind up calling me …because they can’t keep in mind my rivals’ names.”

Therefore, exactly what first-of-its-kind company, guide, item, shop names maybe you have seen this current year? Just what NURD that is intriguing popped and got your attention?

Submit your entry by e-mail to for the 2012 POP! Hall of Fame competition … and send a photograph if you’d like.

We’ll post the most useful NURDS 0n our web log as well as on our Facebook web page.

Winning entries whom result in the last top ten champions into the 2012 POP! Hall of Fame get a copy that is free of! … or the selection of any one of our publications.

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