John Cena and Nikki Bella: The love story that developed close to WWE

John Cena and Nikki Bella will be the charged energy handful of the WWE. Fans have now been in a position to view their relationship blossom on episodes of Total Divas and will now get much more of these relationship from the show that is new Bellas. They are two of this biggest names presently in wrestling today and additionally they additionally are already dating a true WWE love tale.

Cena happens to be known into the WWE since 2002 as he made his first. If you’ve been watching wrestling or perhaps perhaps not residing under a stone anytime within the last few ten years, then you have experienced or been aware of him.

The one thing WWE wants to keep quite is Cena was recognized to date round the WWE a great deal. He’s got had rumoured relations with everyone else from Mickie James to Kelly Kelly to AJ Lee, even adult movie celebrity Kendra Lust.

He married their school that is high sweetheart Huberdeau in ’09. They later experienced a really public divorce proceedings in 2012 Throughout the divorce or separation Cena’s ex spouse accused him of getting many affairs with a few associated with the above names that are mentioned.

One of the primary names had been Mickie James whom he had been seen on television kissing, evidently once the relationship went south Cena utilized his Face That Runs the accepted place status to have Mickie fired.

Nikki Bella has been around the WWE since 2007 whenever she began wrestling for Florida Championship Wrestling, which later on changed into NXT. Nikki additionally apparently dated Dolph Ziggler from around 2008 to at the least 2010.

They were both training at FCW when they met. This storyline happens to be shown on Total Divas whenever Dolph told Nikki he nevertheless liked her and wished to marry her, one thing John Cena wouldn’t normally do. Nikki rejected their offer and stated she’s got gotten over Ziggler and would like to stick with John.

Nikki’s cousin Brie Bella joined the roster that is main August 29, 2008 where she overcome Victoria in a match. The following months Brie Bella’s matches would end with her going beneath the band and coming out much fresher to just take the victory called Twin Magic.

On October 31 st on Smackdown, Victoria, whom Brie proceeded her feud with, pulled Nikki out of underneath the band in error. This is Nikki’s big introduction to the WWE Universe. The 2 then proceeded to own label group fits along with other Diva teams.

While in the beginning the Bellas drifted around Smackdown, ECW and RAW at random. The Bellas had feuds and matches in some places, but had been mostly utilized as supervisors for groups like Rhodes Scholars and Carlito and Primo. After the show Total Divas aired, the Bella twins quickly became movie stars and things started initially to alter.

Nikki and John began dating in 2012. Appropriate across the right time Nikki started initially to having larger feuds. Her biggest feud ended up being switching heel on her behalf very own sister Brie while she ended up being fighting Stephanie McMahon at Summerslam. This result in a match between your two in which the loser must be the winner’s individual associate.

Nikki proceeded to win the Divas Championship and start to become the reigning that is longest Divas Champion, an achievement she’ll will have given that the name has been resigned (thank god there’s absolutely no more stupid butterfly belt).

Although the Cena and Nikki Bella are both on SMACKDOWN LIVE, they rarely ever communicate with each other regarding the show. Nevertheless, you can view Nikki and Cena’s relationship in most it is glory in the E! Show Total Divas or the brand new show Total Bellas.

Where in fact the two have the rigamarole of every relationship, they fight, talk cute, gossip about Daniel Bryan, plus you are free to see John Cena get handsy with Nikki.

Ideal for anybody who would like to know very well what the life span behind the scenes to be a WWE Superstar is really like. The 2 live together in John Cena’s giant home in Florida, that can be seen on Total Bellas in every its enormity.

As the two might appear just like the perfect WWE power few, there is certainly one problem that is small.

John Cena does not want to marry Nikki Bella. He made their thinking behind your decision evident in a bout of Total Divas, as he stated, “Would I love to marry you? Absolutely. I enjoy you, and I also love you a lot more than i have liked anybody in my own lifetime. The things I’m afraid of, and also this is the something i am very afraid of. Whenever we had been to have hitched the next day, and after that you arrived at the final outcome you want kiddies, you understand where We stay. In no means would We request you to lose any such thing for me.”

Therefore when you can observe the two be all dovey that is lovey Total Divas or Total Bellas usually do not expect a marriage episode any time in the future.

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